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Development Guide

The HOT Tech Team comprises a dynamic assembly of highly skilled individuals, each bringing a diverse range of expertise and backgrounds. United by a shared commitment, our goal is clear: leveraging technology to contribute to a better world.

The tech team includes a core of software developers who co-develop many of the tools listed in this documentation index.

There is also a large community of developers who helps to facilitate this work: from consultants, NGOs, and innovative tech agencies distributed throughout the world.

The aim of this development guide is twofold:

Guidelines for Collaborators

Open-source is at the heart of everything we do. In order to collaborate effectively, it is important to have a set of agreed upon standards and practices that developers must loosely follow.

A Resource for New Developers

We encourage new developers to start their open-source contribution journey with us. We are a welcoming, considerate, and patient bunch.

The consensus-based information here is not an authoritative source of the only approach to software development. Nevertheless, we firmly believe that adhering to the recommendations in this guide will undoubtedly set you on the path to becoming a skilled software professional, grounded in our collective experiences at HOT.

If these documents help a single new developer on their journey from coding zero to hero, then it has been a success.